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Entrepreneurial Physics Professor Leads EnLiST by Example


"Professor Mats Selen of the Physics Department at the University of Illinois is Principal Investigator of the EnLiST Project. As part of creating instructional materials for the EnLiST Physics Summer Institute for high school physics teachers, he has developed what he fondly refers to as a 'lab gadget,' which he hopes will help change the way physics labs cater to student learning needs. By using relatively inexpensive components he has been able to hook up the lab gadget to various measurement devices, such as an accelerometer, a Hall probe, and a high-gain amplifier. Selen's initial motivation was to make the time spent at the EnLiST Institute enjoyable for teachers, so he simply thought of something that he would find fun. "I found some stuff that I thought was really exciting that I never imagined doing before, and by great luck it worked really well," says Selen."