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Jay Hooper, a calculus teacher at Centennial High School in Champaign, IL


"Jay Hooper, a calculus teacher at Centennial High School in Champaign, IL, has taken an unconventional approach to teaching. Turning his class on its head, Hooper focused on giving the students a greater chance to utilize class time. "In calculus, the students would probably really struggle on the homework and come back the next day with a ton of questions. So, you would spend half the period answering questions and then you would lecture again," says Hooper of the traditional format. In order to maximize the time spend teaching the material and ensuring that the students have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want. So Hooper made a change.

The complex nature of calculus was a factor that led to the new class structure. "Obviously, there are tons of real applications fo calculus, but it's not as easy to go and gather a data set and analyze it together in class, but it's difficult to not make calculus on a regular basis lecture-based." Thus began the idea of moving lectures to the homework position and vice versa. This began to take shape at the Champaign school district summer institute of 2010 while brainstorming with other calculus teachers. It is this sort of collaboration that is encouraged in the EnLiST Summer Institutes. Entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors include these collaborative efforts, such as seeking and sharing information and resources throughout network ties, activity strengthening and expanding one's social networks."